CENTOMANI manual mixer

CENTOMANI manual mixer

CENTOMANI manual mixer

€ 27,00

Product description:

CENTOMANI is a top quality manual food processor with three double cutting blades that can perfectly mince and chop any type of fruit and vegetable.

It is ideal for mincing small doses and with its blades positioned at different heights, it can even cut a single garlic clove.

With CENTOMANI you can mince or chop, everything depends on the speed at which you turn the blades. It is outstanding for minced and puréed vegetables - chopping fruit - crushing walnuts - almonds - hazelnuts, ideal for fresh tomato purée.

It also comes with a plastic blade that you can use for whipping cream-mayonnaise-egg whites-beating eggs or blending creams.

It also has a herb and fruit washer-spinner basket.



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Warranty certificate

3ERRRE company guarantees that products CENTOMANI MANUAL MIXER are made with ABS plastic and stainless - tempered steel which respect the European legislation about food contact materials.
CENTOMANI MANUAL MIXER is guaranteed against fabric defects.