PRESSAMI cubes and sticks

PRESSAMI cubes and sticks
PRESSAMI cubes and sticks

PRESSAMI cubes and sticks

€ 30,00

Product description:
The simplest and most innovative way of dicing, chipping and shredding: potatoes, aubergines, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms, cabbage, onions and various fruits and vegetables in general.

PressaMi is simple to use, you simply place what you want to cut on the screen and press with the cover.

It comes with a container with cover for storing food and 2 stainless steel screens for 2 different types of cutting.

The screen with the bigger squares can be used for chipping, while the one with the smaller squares is for shredding.

N.B. Set the press support on the cover according to the screen size you have chosen and clamp it with the system marked by the arrow.

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Warranty certificate

3ERRRE company guarantees that products PRESSAMI CUBES AND STICKS are made with ABS plastic and stainless - tempered steel which respect the European legislation about food contact materials.
PRESSAMI CUBES AND STICKS is guaranteed against fabric defects.